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      Valuable Monuments




Run-offs with boats in river Poprad are one of the greatest attractions of the region. Safe boats have a very insignificant immersion, which allows for running-off while the river’s level is low. This unsinkable boat is controlled through the depths of the river by two raftsmen, who control the boat with the use of two wooden sticks. The run-off begins at the Piwniczna harbor. After about 10 km the boars arrive at the harbor in Rytra, located near the camping site, close to the castle’s ruins. The organizers also prepared a shorter version of the run-off, which upon customers’ request may end half-way through the run-off in the town of Młodów. During this ride one may observe the beautiful landscapes of Beskidy Mountains, and while on the boat dancing on the river experience feelings, which many years ago only raftsmen, who transported wood, or even earlier merchants transporting goods from Hungary, could only experience. Poprad is a mountain river, with its sources in Tatry Słowackie, at the height of nearly 2000 m above the sea level, which is the country-wide peculiarity. Another interesting fact is its unorthodox course. It is the only river in Poland, which has its sources in the southern slopes of Carpathian Mountains, and despite this fact its catchment is in the Baltic Sea, located in the north. While passing through the massif of the Carpathian Mountains, Poprad River creates a picturesque river system with numerous meanders. In a significant part of its course, the river is a border river, which separates the territories of Poland and Slovakia. During the run-off we guarantee magnificent views and unforgettable experiences among the nature, rich with exquisite specimens of fauna and flora, characteristic for the regions of Beskid Sądecki.

Information on the run-off’s route:

Length of the route from Piwniczna to the town of Rytro – 10km.
Duration of the run-off about 1,5 – 2,5 hours, depending on the river level. The estimated duration of the season – from April to October, may change due to atmospheric conditions (the time of snow cover – temperature, rainfall intensity – the water level in the river).


Market – surrounded by old buildings. An monumental well in the market. In the archives documents of king’s privileges of Zygmunt III, Jan III Sobieski, August II Saski and emperor Francis Josef. In the center of the market, in the shadow of chestnuts, there is a historical well from the 17th century.


The first information on the church in Piwniczna
can be found in documents from 1375: Elisabeth, queen of Hungary and Poland appoints certain incomes to the church in Piwniczna from bocheńskie and wielickie soupers (Kod. Dypl. Małop., vol. III, page 287-288 – compilation of Piekosiński). The Parish Chronicles, recorded since 1845, starts with a historic introduction. Due to the fire from 13 January 1764, all the metric books and documents in the parish archives were destroyed.


Mineral waters – in the area of the whole Piwniczna municipality mineral waters can be found in all towns located on the right side of river Poprad.

- A long post - Łemkowie village with an orthodox church from 1821, located in a picturesque valley of the Poprad Landscape Park, several dozen kilometers from Piwniczna Zdrój. In the neighborhood one will find two forest reservations: Wierchomla created in 1983 with the old beech-pine tree stand, as well as Lembarczek created in 1985 with natural beech tree stands. In Wierchomla one will find 10 different sources of mineral waters. The monuments of Wierchomla worth seeing are the wooden houses, barns and silos (19th century). The town is a starting point for traveling to the Jaworzyny Range. Wierchomla is divided into two villages: Wierchomla Wielka and Wierchomla Mała.