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A few words about Piwniczna Zdrój...

Piwniczna Zdrój – beautifully located in the southern part of Beskid Sądecki Range, upon River Poprad, to which clean mountain streams flow: Wierchomlanka, Łomniczanka, Jaworzyna and Czercz, straight from the streams of the Jaworzyna Krynicka Mountain Range (1114 m above the sea level) and Radziejowa Mountain Range (1262 m above the sea level). Within its borders the city has a forest-grown mountain Kicarz (707 m above the sea level) with walking alleys and a landscape viewing point. On Radziejowa Mountain tourist will find a landscape viewing tower, where the viewing terrace is located at 18 m, showing the beautiful views of Tatry Mountains, Gorce Mountains and Beskid Sądecki Range. The first water drills were performed in 1932. At that time the fist baths with a drinking room, mineral and paleotherapy baths were built. In 1991 the construction of a new nature-treatment facility was started, the drinking room was  commenced for operation in 1992. The city acquired the status of a health resort in 1999. Digestive tract and the respiratory system illnesses, especially chronic bronchia catarrh and lung emphysema and dust coniosis in the competence period are treated here. The properties of the waters foster the treatment of the stomach and duodenum ulcer disease, stomach catarrh, bowel and pancreas inflammations, as well as support the treatment of diabetes. In the center of the market square one will find an antique tank from the 17th century – a well, which supplied the bourgeois with water for everyday use, and which later on served as a fire-protection tank.